Tanta Faculty of Engineering Organizes an Awareness Symposium on Scholarships of Student and Academic Staff Exchange between Tanta University and University of Bradford, UK

   Faculty of Engineering organized today the awareness symposium on scholarships of student and academic staff exchange between Tanta University and University of Bradford, UK under patronage of Prof. Magdi Sab', University President, with participation of Prof. 'Emad 'Etman, University Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development; Prof. Mahmoud Zaki, Faculty Dean; and Prof. Ahmed Ata, Faculty Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research.

   Prof. 'Emad 'Etman stated that the program aimed to give students opportunities for studying for 5 months from January till June at University of Bradford in various specializations for students at faculties of Engineering, Pharmacy, Commerce and Arts. To get the scholarship, students at the Bachelor’s stage must have B2 level of English language and postgraduate students must have C1 level. He affirmed that official e-mail provided by the University to all its personnel must be used.

   Prof. Mahmoud Zaki declared that those scholarships culminated the cooperation agreement signed by Faculty of Engineering with the British University of Bradford previous July at its headquarters. The agreement was considered the first of its kind at the level of Egyptian governmental universities to grant joint scientific degree.

   Prof. Ahmed Ata pointed out that the agreement coped with the wise vision of Tanta University Administration regarding development of research capabilities of academic staff and assistant staff via enhancement of cooperation and exchange of academic experience with prestigious world universities. For his part, Dr. Saleh Shalabi, Assistant Professor at Department of Physics and Engineering Mathematics at the Faculty, announced that deadline for applying for those scholarships would be the following September 30th.        

   The meeting was attended by Prof. Yasser Abdo, Manager of E-learning Center; Prof. Osama Badr, Manager of International Cooperation Unit; Prof. Tarek Fouda, Prof. Abdel Nabi Kabil, Prof. Al-Refa'i Kenawi and Prof. Ramadan Ma'an as well as a huge number of academic staff, assistant staff and students from different faculties of the University.

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