Strategic objectives

1- Completion the administrative and technical staff and activation the utilization of career cards
2- Developing the training programs to develop the skills of the administrative system
3- Work on automation of administrative work through advanced programs.
4- Building an integrated electronic archiving system for easy preservation and circulation of information.
5- Integration of quality control systems in all administrative systems.
6- Activation of reward and punishment policies on the basics of quality control.
7- Updating the internal bylaw and taking in the consideration the standard of national academic standards.
8- Developing the distinctive study programs that are in line with the needs of the labor market.
9- Developing students' skills through developed programs to practice various activities.
10- Developing internal and external training programs to maximize the benefits of this and raise the expertise of effective communication with the labor market.
11- Work on automating communication with students and spreading the culture of continuing education.
12- Developing research disciplines for faculty members.
13- Developing research laboratories in the departments and adoption the concept of research centers and joint research and integrated.
14- Activation the financial bylaw for the postgraduate level to reach a satisfactory salary for teaching, supervision and arbitration.
15- Develop registration and registration procedures for postgraduate studies to achieve high flexibility and ease of procedures.
16- Developing registration procedures for postgraduate studies to achieve high flexibility and ease of procedures.
17- Linking research disciplines to national challenges and local industry needs.
18- Improving the proportion of faculty members to students to reach the standards.
19- Activating the mechanism of benefiting from full-time professors.
20- Developing the training programs for faculty members and their assistants to raise the efficiency of work.
21- Activating the activities of the graduates unit and linking them to the labor market and stakeholders.
22- Linking the activities of special units of the Faculty to the needs of the labor market.
23- Activating the mechanisms for preserving the environment and spreading the culture of safe disposal of waste.
24- Raising awareness of energy consumption and raw materials at the Faculty.
25- Work to achieve the adequacy of financial resources to achieve the mission and strategic goals and objectives
26- Development of buildings to suit the nature of the Faculty's activity and work on the construction of new buildings.
27- Optimal utilization of different halls.
28- Mainstream the use of modern means of communication and information technology.
29- Updating and completing the student labs in all departments of the Faculty.
30- Providing facilities for student activities.
31- Supporting the units of a special nature.
32- Establishment of a system to complete safety data for establishments and laboratories


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