Postgraduate studies

1- Preparing a modern graduate armed with all the tools of modern technology.
2 - Providing some educational programs at the postgraduate level for engineers and specialists to keep abreast of technological progress in various fields.
3 - Improving and upgrading the efficiency of the Internet at the faculty so as to facilitate dealing with data. It is also important to link between the faculty and the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies at the University.
4 - Developing the MIS program for the data of postgraduate students so that the system can be activated by entering data easily, as there are some difficulties in data entry, especially related to the registration of the research plan and the supervisory committees.
5 - All transactions with postgraduate students should be electronic, including the enrollment.
6. Promoting scientific culture.
7. Increasing knowledge and scientific diversity.
8- Increasing the effectiveness of access to scientific researcher and student on the cognitive and academic side.
9 - Providing better service for the researcher.
10 Taking notes of every speech in the field of scientific research and postgraduate studies through the dispatch of faculty members at international conferences, as well as the dispatch of the assistants at the faculty to missions, scholarships and holidays.
11 - Exchange of scientific experiences between faculty members of Faculty of Engineering and faculty members of the other faculties and universities.
12 - Supporting scientific research and participation in its development through scientific awards as well as research projects.
13 - To participate in solving environmental problems through the implementation of recommendations and results through research projects implemented by the faculty.
14 - Supporting the dissemination of scientific research through the dissemination in international journals.


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