Organizational Structure of the Faculty

Faculty Council
Dean's Office Administration
Faculty Council Secretariat Affairs Sector
Legal Affairs Administration
Quality Assurance Unit
Planning and Follow-up Unit
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research
Faculty Secretary
Vice Dean's Office Administration
Electronic Education Unit
Education and Student Affairs Administration (Student Affairs Sector-Education Affairs Sector-Graduates Affairs Sector-Exams and Preservation Sector)
Youth Welfare Administration (Families and Student Activities Sector-Administrative and Financial Services Sector)
Training Unit (Special Units Affairs Sector-Graduation Affairs Follow-up Sector-Community Service Affairs Projects-Communication and Conferences Sector)
Vice Dean's Office Administration Crises and Disasters Management Unit
Library and Information Administration (Scientific Journal Sector-Library Affairs Sector-Information and Network Sector-Administrative and Financial Services Sector)
Vice Dean's Office Administration Postgraduate Studies and Cultural Relations Administration (Postgraduate Studies Sector-Enrollment and Study Sector-Graduates Follow-up Sector-Mission and cultural Relations Sector)
Administrative Affairs Administration (Employees Affairs Sector-Teaching Staff Affairs Sector-Entitlement Sector-Secretariat and Achieves Sector-Public Affairs Sector)
Financial Affairs Administration (Procurement Sector- Inventories and Storage Sector)
Accounts Affairs Administration (Accounts and the Budget-the Safe Sector)
Engineering Affairs Administration (Computer Service and Maintenance Sector- Horticulture and Gardens Sector-Maintenance and Headquarters Affairs Sector)

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