Historical Overview

Republican Decree No. 1142 of 25/11/1976 was issued for establishment the Faculty of Engineering at Tanta University in 1984 in Gharbia Governorate. The study at the faculty is five years. The faculty is located at Seberbay .The educational process and its services are carried out through the workshop building and the departments of
- Electronics and Communication Engineering
- Computer and Control Engineering
- Production Engineering and Mechanical Design
-Mechanical Power Engineering
- Public Works Engineering
Engineering Physics and Mathematics
There are a building for the administration of the Department of Architecture and the building of the preparatory division and civil engineering departments that includes the departments of civil engineering, construction engineering and irrigation engineering and hydraulics.
A new building will be built in two years.
The college includes a group of bleachers in the workshop building, the Prep. Year building and civil engineering department. There are also study halls and laboratories in the three buildings. The various departments are located in the workshop building and administrative building. .

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