Learning and student affairs

Student welfare

Student welfare, known as youth welfare, in the faculty is a special administration that takes care of students. Its role is summarized in the following points:-
1- Student welfare through:-
To study the social, Psychological and educational problems that face the students and trying to find suitable solutions.
To try solving economy problems that face the students through Social Solidarity Fund.
2- Student activities through:-
Applying a plan for different activities such as sporting, social, cultural and artistic.
Presenting projects in different activities.
Positive co-operation in achieving the activities that the students of the faculty union choose.
Committees that are supervised by student welfare administration in the faculty
Sports committee
To supervise forming and organizing different sports teams including basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, tennis swimming, boxing, wrestling, body building, weightlifting, taekwondo, karate and judo to get ready for participating in College World Series and in Egyptian College Series.
Political and Cultural Committee
To supervise holding cultural competitions including poetry, Zajal, story and making scientific wall magazines.
Committee for families and trips
To supervise forming families in the faculty. The number of the family has to be not less than 50 students and to specify a leader of the faculty members and a
. The student has the right to join a new family and to practice all the available activities (sports, cultural, trips, competitions, camps and family series).
To set off entertaining and national trips to identify the features of the home.
Artistic committee
To supervise the artistic activity including,
(Theatre, singing, music, and fine arts including drawing, carving and painting)
Social activity and students' affairs committee
To supervise doing required researches for some students to provide them with help within the available limits of Students' Social Solidarity Fund. To hold chess competitions and a competition to choose the ideal male and female students.
Scientific and Technological Activity Committee
The scientific committee in students' union works on raising the scientific activity through holding seminars in co-operating with faculty members in different departments about the latest achievements in the field of engineering. Also, it is to do scientific competitions among students in scientific research and a scientific magazine to publish the latest scientific issues in the field of engineering.
Scout and Public Service committee
To supervise holding scout camps inside the faculty and outside the faculty. The aim of these camps is to improve the leadership skills for the students and direct them towards commitment and to hurry to meet the national duty and general service. Camps
It is to supervise holding camps all over the country to offer the opportunity for the university students to get acquainted and to merge. Student exchange
The administration of the faculty nominates scientifically superior students to travel to one of the Arab Universities for training in the counterpart faculty. On the other hand, the faculty welcomes students from the Arab Universities to train there. Nutrition in the outer restaurant
The traveller students who are not settled at the university hostels have the right to be fed in the restaurant. The following conditions are applied upon them:-
1- The student has to be from another place from Tanta and its centers.
2- He has not to be settled at the university hostels.
3- He has to pay the university fees.
University Hostels University hostels are considered one of the university units and they supervised by a council composed from the Vice Dean of the university for Education and Student affairs and by the membership of:-
1- The secretary of the University
2- Two members of Profs. chosen by University Council annually
3- The President of the Medical system
4- The President of Youth Welfare system
5- The President of university hostels system
Social Solidarity Fund
The Social Solidarity Fund achieved different kinds of social guarantee for students of social care. It also participates in implementation of student services, financial and material that help them to continue their study.
The following conditions have to be applied:-
1- To be a regular student at the faculty
2- The male or female students have to be Egyptians
3- The male or female students have to be not sentenced to university disciplinary decisions compatible with their rights in the Social Solidarity Fund.
4- The Students have to be new in their grade as long as the council decides that his social conditions justify him social help.
5- The average per-capita income in the student's family mustn't be more than the limit that the council decides.


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