Historic Overview

Faculty of Engineering at Tanta University was set up in 1984 according to the republican decree No. 1142 on November 25, 1976. It is in Seperpay, Garbeya Governorate. Study at the Faculty lasts for 5 years. Lecturing is applied through the workshop building which includes the following departments:
Electrical Power and Machines Engineering Department
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Computer and Control Engineering
Production Engineering and Mechanical Design
Mechanical Power Engineering
Public Works Engineering
Engineering Physics and Mathematics
There is a separated building for the administration including the administration of Architectural Engineering.
There is also a building for the preparatory class, the Civil Engineering Department, Structural Engineering, and Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering departments.
A new building will be constructed and used within two years.
The Faculty includes a number of auditoriums in the workshop building, the preparatory class building and Civil Engineering building. There are also halls and laboratories in the three buildings. Different departments are located in the workshop building and administrative building.

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